Health Policies

We are committed to achieving our Health & Safety objectives by establishing and maintaining safe work environments for all employees, contractors and the community in general.

They include:

  • Elimination of all forms of personal damage, prevention of unsafe acts and a systematic reduction of workplace hazards and risk;
  • Establishment Health and Safety targets to support the achievement of our policy objectives;
  • Comply with all Statutory and Regulatory requirements relevant to Occupational Health & Safety and any other obligations to which the company subscribes;
  • Encourage a Culture of personal responsibility for Health & Safety behavior in all employees and stakeholders associated with our business activities;
  • Develop a supportive Health & Safety Culture through Accountable Leadership;
  • Develop the capabilities of our Leaders to positively impact the Health & Safety behavior of contractors and employees;
  • Promote a Culture of Health & Safety through effective Ownership, Communication and Consultation;
  • Implement an effective Safety Management System consistent with our work activities and enable the succeeding of knowledge resources and the sharing of information;
  • Provide appropriate Safety Training for all employees and ensure that Contractor Health and Safety concerns are regarded with the same importance as that of our own people;
  • Provide effective Rehabilitation Support and Services to Employees in the event of work-related incident or illness;
  • Actively implement these policy objectives and review outcomes in Safety Performance to facilitate Continuous Improvement across our business
  • Our Policy and Procedures are communicated to all personnel and are accessible to anyone with our business operations.