Professional cleaning services

MICGS has great pride in regard to cleaning services both for domestic and commercial clients. We provide high-quality commercial property cleaning services on a contractual and one-off basis to residential, commercial buildings, industries, factories, and warehouses as well as detailed car cleaning. Our services are professionally executed under strict supervision at each station thus assuring enjoying qualified and experienced drivers who satisfied their clients. The drivers hired have capacity in working under pressure and tensions. They are constantly provided with on job training to build technical capacities of the staff to increase their knowledge of security, policies and procedures of the company.

Maintaining these standards through a self-motivated team, working smart and innovative techniques has over the years enhanced and strengthened our relationships with our customers. We have full-time workers who are regularly and fully trained to meet high standards of quality and cleaning performance. These services are offered to offices, residential buildings, banks, cold rooms and factories. In addition, we provide add-on services like fumigation and pest control to office and house plants and flowers.