Transport & Car Hire

M isse Clearance, forwarding and General Services Limited over 15 years of experience we are considered as trusted agents’ world, as being competitive and dedicated to our passion for completing our projects on time, under budget and in a high standard of quality. Our organization has a team of highly experienced and professional staff, who are able to deliver the services in accordance with the client’s need and satisfaction in a timely manner.

The Company owns trucks of different capacity from 10 to 40 MT as well as car hire services ranging from saloon to four-wheel drive cars. Since the establishment of the company, transporting services were provided for a number of local, international organizations and UN agencies. The type of vehicles that MICGS has include; mini buses, land cruisers, and double cabins. The company’s vehicles are always in good conditions both physically and mechanically. All company’s vehicles are available throughout 24/7 including public holidays.